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About the Book:

I am writing a how-to book for busy executives who are looking for new ways to engage employees and foster a culture of innovation. The book is based on the program I created at my company, and I want to share my experience and the lessons learned with others. The book is divided into three sections: The Innovation – This section addresses what is innovation and different ways a company can be innovative (beyond just products). The Program – A six step program to create a bottom-up innovation program to guide employees to submit valid business ideas. The Culture – The cultural aspects of making a change in an established company.

Please help me choose a title which will best describe the book:

5 thoughts on “Book Title Poll

  1. Sounds like a valuable book. Giving it a potential ‘short hand’ name might help people spread the word, and it might take off as a concept for people to use – the “Bright Ideas” box.

  2. The Idea Box: Empower Employees, Create a Culture of Innovation, and Grow Your Business

    (I merged some of your titles. “Idea Box” is a short catchy handle, and the subtitle contains three benefits for the reader, succinctly stated. Or such was my intent…)

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