Name: Jag Randhawa

Profession: Information Technology Executive

Life Goal: Make a difference in the world

Passion: Inspiring every individual to think and act as a leader

Hobbies: Reading, Neuroscience, Motorcycles, Camping, Golf

Jag Randhawa
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Jag Randhawa is the Vice President of Information Technology and eCommerce at CAMICO Mutual Insurance, where he manages the Technology portfolio and eCommerce channel. Jag is responsible for technology driven business strategies to create operational efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction and foster organizational agility. Jag integrated his passion for neuroscience and behavior psychology to develop the Culture of Innovation at CAMICO in which employees contribute ideas to grow the business, improve customer satisfaction and create operational efficiencies. Prior to joining CAMICO, Jag worked as an IT consultant serving a broad range of industries, and developed many innovative and award-winning software systems. Jag has 20 years of technology industry experience, with degrees in Electronics Engineering, and Information Technology. Jag is an active contributor to the local CIO community and Chair the Silicon Valley CIO chapter of TechExecs.

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